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Latest SONY Cell phones between 7000 to 8000 rs | Buy Online in India

Latest Sony Mobile Phones at Online Mobile Store

ONLINE MOBILE STORE published the Sony Latest Mobile phones Price - list in India, compiled with the best price available online in India . We have tried our best always to keep this price list up-to-date for best customer experience and avoiding any time waste in making your mobile selection. So don't go further for searching coupons for online mobile shopping.  

These Powerful ANDROID MOBILES from Sony are packed with latest Androids release like KitKAt, Jelly Bean, Lollipop, Ice Cream Sandwich to give mobile users the finest gaming & Internet Browsing experience. 

Go through the detailed SPECIFICATIONS and expert reviews of these Sony cell phones which will help you with an informed mobile purchase, as better the hardware and specifications better would be the user  experience. Looking for more !

Some of these Sony mobile phones comes with a Dual SIM (GSM + GSM) or (GSM + CDMA) slot so that you can ease out your pockets with bulky mobile phones.

Stylish and glossy TOUCHSCREEN of these handsets by Sony responds well and higher end costly models have additional safety of gorilla glass to protect it from wrong scratches. No more worry about keeping these touch screen phones in your pockets you have gorilla glass to protect this for you. 

To add to this, the Camera in these Sony new mobile phones are the example of latest technology in Photography, high quality photos and videos even in low light and dusty background as well. High end mobiles comes with Camera settings like ISO Settings, Exposure Settings, Zoom and more complex functionalities which are actually there in the DSLR, making these phones THE BEST CAMERA PHONES available online in India.

Wifi functionalities is also offered by Sony as there would be need of the same to download heavy games, view videos and more. Go ahead and enjoy free wifi offered in Delhi City by Aam Admi Party.

Some of these models by Sony are offered with 3G to give you a strong mobile Internet signals. As you are aware 4G is not really available in India, 3G is the next best possible alternative available. 

Sony also offers the crystal clear high resolution HD Display in such a reasonable price tag so that you can enjoy the best viewing experience offered with 3G cell phones to give you a strong mobile Internet signals. 

Processor of the mobile phones by Sony are Dual Core or Quad Core to work seemlessly on instructions of your fingers. Number of Cores means number of processors or brains which will work together to process your instructions, higher the core better it is.

RAM of these models by Sony is also stable - comes with 512MB or 1GB or even more. This will help you in getting a unstopable and seamless mobile using experience. 

These Specifications are offered at Cheapest price online in India by none other than  Sony - Best price guaranteed always, you will not get a cheaper phone than this. 

For after sales service  - there is a decent network of Sony India - Service Centers, so that god forbids, if your phone needs a doctor you get one in a nearby location. 

We recommend you to watch this video published by SONY which has got number of hits so far, this will give you another reason to buy Sony Mobile Phone.

So what are you waiting for - enjoy these Smartphones by Sony and show your mobile to your friends with style. Online Mobile Store brings these Sony Smartphones on best price and exciting offers to choose from. 

SONY Mobile Phones    Best Price

Sony Xperia E1 Purple 7190
Sony Xperia E Black 7449
Sony Xperia M White 7999

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Sony Xperia E1 Purple for Rs. 7190

Sony Xperia E1 Purple : Touch-screen mobiles recently launched by SONY is at shelves of Online Mobile Store at a cool price of Rs 7190/- , the style, features and specifications of this mobile is something no one can ignore at the first look. The Sleek design and powerful battery will give you another reason to buy this phone. Another thing you can bring to your notice is that the offer price of this GADGET by SONY is quite high - correct, the Market price is Rs. 7990/-. This new and latest technology SONY Mobile i.e Sony Xperia E1 Purple is a powered by Android and available at best price online at Online Mobile Store. For further details please visit the sellers website by following the URL mentioned in above SONY Mobile Price List. "

Sony Xperia E Black for Rs. 7449

With smartphones ruling the roost in the mobile market, the need of the hour is a phone that makes both you and your wallet happy. Sony seeks to satisfy the craving for a budget Android phone without skimming on the features with the Sony Xperia E.   3.5 inch TFT 320 x 480 pixels display   A beautiful TFT screen with 320 x 480 pixels to bring alive everything that entertainment has to offer in crystal clear, bright tones. The 3.5 inch screen is just the right size to fit into the palm without being unwieldy.   1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor for faster processing   A 1 Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor aided by a 512 MB RAM ensures that your applications are processed really fast. It also ensures that you have good speed while flicking through the menus and there is no annoying lag to irritate you.   3.2 megapixel camera with 4x digital zoom   The Xperia E comes with a 3.2 megapixel camera that allows you to capture all the goings-on in your life without missing a beat. Relive moments with all the intensity of 4x digital zoom that the camera comes with.   Integrated WALKMAN app   This app that comes with the smartphone allows you to listen to great music when you want it, the way you want it. You can create playlists, crank up the volume, enhance the bass or the treble and get the sound mix just right – ultimate freedom with music.   HD Voice & Noise Suppression   When you are talking to a loved one, the Xperia E makes it sound like you are right next to them with HD Voice – superb clarity with next to nil background noise to disturb the flow of your conversation. Talk from anywhere without any disturbance whatsoever.   Powered by Android v4.1 Jelly Bean OS   The smartphone is shipped with the Jelly Bean operating system that is smooth and fluid with intuitive performance to allow for a more user-friendly experience. Android v4.1 also has a great user interface that you will get used to in a jiffy."

Sony Xperia M White for Rs. 7999

Turning touch into magic for the average user is this smartphone from Sony, the Xperia M that strives to make life simpler, easier.   One-touch functions   The Xperia M comes with Near Field Communication support that ensures that you can share and transfer data and media with just a touch. No more hassles with tangled wires and complicated software.   One-touch mirroring   Make family time interesting by projecting the little ones’ favourite Disney movie onto your smart TV from your Xperia M that allows you to mirror content in the simplest possible way.   Personal Content Station   Save all your photos and videos in one place which you have wireless access to, with the Sony Xperia M that sports the Personal Content Station – keep those precious memories safe.   SmartTags   With NFC-enabled Smart Tags, the smartphone acts intuitively and performs functions with a single touch – enter the house to notes of lilting music that calms you down without having to bother with remotes, wires, connections and power and whatnot.   Quality craftsmanship   Boasting of Sony’s penchant for beautiful design, the Xperia M comes with a sleek aluminium power button that blends seamlessly into the premium glass screen. Designed with symmetry in mind, the phone is perfect for the palm of the hand and sure to garner atleast a couple of envious glances.