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Here are the best Mobile Phones offering NFC (Near Field Communication) Functionality in India

New to NFC... See this video live and understand how it works.

NFC enabled mobiles - Latest models available online in India

Product Description Our Price
Sony Xperia M White 8890
Sony Xperia M Black 9390
Sony Xperia M Yellow 9495
Sony Xperia M Dual White 10490
Sony Xperia M Purple 10490
Samsung Galaxy S3 Marble White, with 16GB 17999
Sony Xperia Z Ultra Black 18499
Sony Xperia Z Ultra Purple 20000
Sony Xperia Z Ultra White 22750
BlackBerry Q10 White 25000
Google Nexus 5 Black, with 16 GB 25750
BlackBerry Q10 Black 28990
Google Nexus 5 White, with 16 GB 29490
Google Nexus 5 White, with 32 GB 30940
Google Nexus 5 Black, with 32 GB 33500


Xperia M that strives to make life simpler, easier.     One-touch functions     The Xperia M comes with Near Field Communication support that ensures that you can share and transfer data and media with just a touch. No more hassles with tangled wires and complicated software.     One-touch mirroring     Make family time interesting by projecting the little ones’ favourite Disney movie onto your smart TV from your Xperia M that allows you to mirror content in the simplest possible way.     Personal Content Station     Save all your photos and videos in one place which you have wireless access to, with the Sony Xperia M that sports the Personal Content Station – keep those precious memories safe.     SmartTags     With NFC-enabled Smart Tags, the smartphone acts intuitively and performs functions with a single touch – enter the house to notes of lilting music that calms you down without having to bother with remotes, wires, connections and power and whatnot.     Quality craftsmanship     Boasting of Sony’s penchant for beautiful design, the Xperia M comes with a sleek aluminium power button that blends seamlessly into the premium glass screen. Designed with symmetry in mind, the phone is perfect for the palm of the hand and sure to garner atleast a couple of envious glances.

Xperia M Dual from Sony is not just a beauty, it packs the brains that can stand ground against its peers.     One-touch functions     The Xperia M Dual comes with NFC support that ensures that functions are simplified manifold. Share a tune with your friend or send a photo with a simple click, dispensing off with tedious wired mechanisms.     One-touch mirroring     Movie nights just got better with the Xperia M Dual that lets you throw content from the phone onto your smart TV; enjoy media on a larger scale.     Personal Content Station     A Sony creation, the personal content station is where you can leave a backup of your photos and videos without taking up too much space in the phone and letting go of the tedium that comes with wired transfers.     SmartTags     Simple tasks like setting the phone to vibrate in the office, opening Maps when you get in the car, playing soothing music when you get home and such can be set with a single touch with the help of NFC-enabled SmartTags on the Xperia M Dual.     Impressive viewing     With a 4-inch display that is the perfect size to hold on the palm without compromising on effectiveness, the Xperia M Dual provides a platform for your immersive entertainment needs.

Galaxy S3 set the bar high in terms of just how smart a phone can be.     Intelligence - Smart stay, Smart alert, Social tag, S -voice, Direct call     The Galaxy S3 comes with a wide variety of intelligent functions, small yet extremely handy when it comes to your day to day usage of the phone.    Smart Stay ensures that there is no unnecessary loss of battery power if you fall asleep reading on the screen &ndash; the moment you look away, the phone puts itself to sleep. The S3 also nudges you with a vibration to let you know that you have a few missed notifications with the Smart Alert feature.    With Social Tag, the phone keeps track of all the people you care about and gives you their social networking status at just a glance. Direct call lets the phone go to call from a message when you lift it up to your ear making it easy to call a friend without tedious dialling.<br /> And best of all, the phone registers voice commands &ndash; you can tell it to wake up, click a picture or open a link by speaking to it.     Sharing - S beam, AllShare cast and play, Buddy photo share     Sharing becomes simple with the Galaxy S3 that supports NFC. With the S-Beam, all you need to do is place another S3 nearby to share data and media back and forth. Allshare Play allows you to sync and access content even when you are away from your computer while Allshare Cast connects you to other devices, letting you beam photos and videos and also let you use it as a controller when you are playing on the big screen. The phone also recognizes friends instantly with Buddy Share and shares without much ado.     HD Super AMOLED     Cutting edge technology comes together to create the life-like 4.8 inch Super AMOLED screen that comes with full HD resolution to ensure that you have a crisp, bright and clear visual experience. Add on the Corning Gorilla Glass and you have a screen that is both effective and sturdy.     Pop up play     When you friend sends you a video on Whatsapp, S3 allows you to play the video and type out a reply to him at the exact same time &ndash; multitasking on a whole new level.     Smart keyboard     With predictive input based on your typing pattern, the S3 increases your accuracy of typing and also ensures that you type faster.     Enterprise Mobility Features     Very useful for work, the S3 allows you to shares the screen of your phone on a bigger screen during business meetings at different sites, it gives you safe access to the corporate network and resources with the simplicity of a single interface allowing for much smarter work life-personal device sync.

 Xperia Z Ultra is Sony&rsquo;s answer to all your recreational needs. Incorporating the world&rsquo;s largest display screen on the slimmest of bodies, this smartphone is sure to be neighbour&rsquo;s envy and owner&rsquo;s pride.     Processor and OS     With single GSM microSIM support, the smartphone runs on the  Android v4.1 Jelly Bean operating system  which is fast and simple apart from bringing nifty features like NFC compatibility, bundled notifications, better camera application, easier messaging apart from a fully customizable lock screen and a smoother overall experience.&nbsp;&nbsp;    Supporting the OS is the powerful  2.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 Quad Core processor backed by 2 GB RAM . Multitasking is a breeze; open multiple apps and perform everyday tasks with ease and a smoothness that is easy to get used to. The cores are  asynchronous  which ensures that battery is not wasted and you get power when you actually need it. The Adreno 330 graphics lets you enjoy an immersive gaming experience.    The phone also supports pen input and can transform your handwritten notes into text and save them.     Display     Maximise the life you live with the Sony Xperia Z Ultra that comes with a  massive 6.4 inch TFT capacitive TRILUMINOUS display with X-Reality for mobile and full HD resolution  that ensures that you see images in rich, natural colors. With a massive 342 pixels per inch and without any jagged edges, the display ensures that the lines between reality and entertainment are blurred - all packed into the slimmest of bodies.    With a shatter proof sheet on scratch resistant glass, the only way the Z Ultra is getting scratched is if you will it so. What&rsquo;s more, use it in the rain or take it to the pool side without worry about messing it up for the device is built to be  waterproof .     Camera     The phone sports an  8 megapixel primary camera with a 2 megapixel secondary camera  and is capable of full HD video recording as well. The  superior Auto mode  ensures that you don&rsquo;t really need to know the mechanics of a camera to take exemplary pictures. With features like HDR and sweep panorama, the photography enthusiast in you jumps for joy at the clarity of the photos you will click on the Xperia Z Ultra.     Battery and Storage     With amazing  battery backup of 16 hours  on 3G networks, the phone is powered by a 3050 mAh battery to support the beautiful display. The battery STAMINA mode is also engineered to save power when the phone is in standby. And the internal memory of 16 GB can be expanded up to 64 GB with a microSD card.     Connectivity     OneTouch functions make every single action you perform with the phone a couple of shades easier. The device is equipped with NFC support, bluetooth and the microUSB port can be used to transfer data as well. Blazing fast linking up with the internet is possible with the  Sony Xperia Z Ultra  that supports GPRS, EDGE, 3G and Wi-Fi as well as tethering via microUSB and Wi-Fi hotspots.

Blackberry Q10 is a business phone to reckon with. The phone supports a single GSM microSIM and comes with a nifty QWERTY keypad that is makes typing so much easier. The Blackberry Balance allows you to create two profiles for two different purposes, like work and personal, ensuring that your information remains secure and organized.    The touchscreen phone runs on the Blackberry 10 operating system. A  1.5 GHz Dual Core processor with 2 GB RAM  provides ample speed and power to all the functions you might want to use. Armed with the Blackberry Hub that lets you peek into it from any app with a swipe motion, you can multitask seamlessly apart from viewing all your notifications, meeting alerts, updates and such right on your homescreen with Active Frames.    The phone also comes with  voice control support  that lets you perform actions like sending a message, making a note or putting up a status update on Facebook with just voice commands.&nbsp;     Display     The 3.1 inch screen of the Blackberry is made of  SuperAMOLED  that provides unbelievable clarity and gives you the best viewing experience possible. The capacitive touch screen also supports multitouch for a more user friendly experience.&nbsp;     Camera     The phone sports an  8 megapixel camera  that supports full HD video recording to capture all your favourite moments. Take perfect self shots and ensure that all your video chats have good clarity with the 2 megapixel secondary camera.    The time shift mode on the camera also allows you to create the best picture by moving parts of a photo forward and backward in time till it&rsquo;s just right. You can also convert your chat to video on BBM to see the other person live as you chat.     Battery and Storage     The phone is powered by a  2100 mAh battery  that gives you a great talktime of 13 hours even on 3G networks. An internal storage capacity of 32 GB can be accentuated up to 32 GB with a microSD card.     Connectivity     With connectivity options galore, the  Blackberry Q10 supports 3G and Wi-Fi  that make for superfast internet browsing speeds. And use the microUSB port to transfer files and media from and to your computer as well. It also comes with NFC support Blackberry Tag that eliminates the need of wires to share files with other phones. Own your business with this Blackberry that is built to impress.

Nexus 5 is a beautiful device that packs high-powered hardware with flawless software &ndash; a never-fail combination.     Android v4.4 KitKat OS     The first ever smartphone that comes with the KitKat operating system, the Nexus 5 provides a smart and simple Android 4.4 for you to work with. Personalization being the keyword, the phone allows you to customize extensively to ensure that your Nexus is uniquely yours.    Go hands-free with Voice Actions that simplifies sending texts, finding photos, using maps and everything else that you can think of doing on a daily basis. A beautiful, full screen experience that is simple and immersive, KitKat allows you to multitask without compromising on accuracy or speed. The phone also collates numbers that you call frequently and searches for matches when you get a call from an unknown number. Talk about intuitive.&nbsp;     Capturing with Clarity     The device from Google comes with an 8 megapixel camera that comes armed with HDR+ technology to ensure that every picture that you click is perfect. The much-loved Photo Sphere also makes it appearance to ensure that you have a 360 degree view of that view from the window that you can relive anytime you want. The phone also sports a 1.3 megapixel secondary camera.    The Nexus 5 is also capable of taking backup of your photos automatically to ensure that you never lose a precious memory while not clogging up phone space. If you are feeling loath to enhance those vacation pictures for family viewing, just run Auto Awesome to create animations, collages and panorama shots from the existing photos in your library. There is also the option of having them turned into memorable videos with music and the works.     Powerhouse Processor     To say powerful would be an understatement for the 2.3 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 Processor with support from 2 GB RAM ensures that you burn through apps without any lag or delay whatsoever. The smartphone comes with the necessary hardware to ensure that you take full advantage of the experience that Google strives to provide &ndash; tapping on an app and drumming your fingers on the table impatiently waiting for it to load is pass&eacute; with the Nexus 5.     Perfection on Display     With full High Definition and 445 ppi of pixel density, the Nexus 5&rsquo;s 4.95 inch LCD screen shows you the world as it is. Everything looks great on the IPS screen, from any angle, be it pictures of your vacation or even just the font of the menus &ndash; sharper, clearer and denser.     Storage and Communication     With NFC, LTE and Wi-Fi support, being social and in touch is a cinch with the Nexus 5. 16 GB of internal storage at your disposal for anything and everything that you can think of storing within your phone is aided and abetted by access to effective Cloud storage as well. The unit also comes with wireless charging of the 2300 mAh battery that is built-in for convenience.    With the promise of being the first to latch on to further versions of the operating system, the Nexus 5 is arguably the best smartphone of its class.