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Looking for a Mobile handset with call recording feature inbuiilt. We have shortlisted 90 models with this feature. These handpicked models starts from price range of 700 to 4200rs.

These models are from well known mobile manufacturers like intex, videocon, vox, celkon, micromax and much more. Some of these models are android based to give user a much better experiance at a minimal price.

Go ahead and buy a phone with CALL RECORDING feature, no more worry that person calling you will not fulfil his commitment.


Models with Call Recoding Feature Our Price
Adcom Thunder X10 Black 743
Hitech Micra 115 Black 749
Adcom X10 White 754
Jivi JV 21 Black 779
Jivi 12M Black 795
Subway S-3 Dynamite Black 799
Subway S-3 Dynamite White 799
Subway S-12 Boss 1 White 899
Subway S-12 Boss 1 Black 899
Subway S-11 W White 899
Subway S-11 Blk Black 899
Subway S-11 B Blue 899
Celkon C366 Black & Red 949
Celkon Feature phone Black & Red 950
Jivi X426 Black 983
Videocon V1393 Black, Red 990
Videocon V1393 Black 999
Videocon V1419 Black, Red 1045
Hitech kick 525 Black 1049
Videocon V1421 Black, Red 1069
Jivi X660 Black 1079
iBall King 1.8D Black 1094
Celkon C5 Star White 1099
Hitech Kick 515 Black 1099
Hitech Micra 150 Black 1099
Celkon C619 Black & Red 1099
Zook Tulip Grey 1099
Zook Tulip Gold||Black 1099
Raeno Slim Keypad White 1099
Zen M7 Plus Auto Call Recorder Phone With Ubon Black 1099
Videocon Style Mini Black 1099
Lemon B269 Black 1100
Onida G181 grey 1100
Adcom X14 Chatty Black 1145
Adcom X14 Chatty Grey 1145
i-smart IS 110W White 1150
i-Smart iSmart IS 110W White 1150
i-smart IS 110W White 1150
Hitech Xplay 250 Black 1199
Celkon C52Plus Black & Red 1199
Jivi X480 Black 1199
Zook Boss Silver 1199
Zook Boss Gold 1199
Onida G188 Black 1200
Jivi X390 Black 1240
Onida G184 Black 1240
Jivi Big Display,Dual SIM White 1250
Micromax X249 White 1281
Micromax X249 Black 1299
Micromax X245 Grey 1299
Micromax X245 White 1315
Jivi X3270 White 1333
Jivi Four Sim Big Display White 1349
Celkon C285 Black 1350
Lemon B555 Black||Grey 1397
Celkon C49 Black 1399
Celkon Feature phone White & Silver 1399
Jivi Stylish Design Big Display-Dual SIM Standby G+G Black 1399
Videocon V1527 Blue 1399
Videocon V1527 Red, Black 1399
Micromax X242 Grey 1424
Intex Bar Platinum Metal Black 1445
Celkon C52 Plus White||Red 1449
Micromax X344 Black 1450
Intex Bar Black 1479
Intex Bar White 1485
Micromax X344 White 1500
Lava KKT 34i Black & Silver 1549
Mtech M15i Black 1599
Hitech Xplay 210 Grey 1599
Videocon Vstyle Flip Black 1599
M-tech M15i Grey 1599
Mtech M15i Black||Red 1599
Celkon C44Duos Black||Red 1629
Jivi Dual Sim and Big Display 2.8 Black 1650
Zook Keypad Gold 1699
BLU B307 White 1799
HPL WA-241 Black 1890
HPL WA-241 Grey 1890
HPL WA-245 Gold 1990
HPL WA-245 Silver 1990
HPL WA-247 Black||Gold 1990
HPL WA-247 White||Red 1990
JIVI Dual Sim/Dual Standby Gsm + Cdma Black and White 1999
HPL WA-281 Grey 2190
HPL WA-281 Black 2190
Hitech HT880 Black 2349
Maxx MT616 Zippy Coffee 3373
Intex Cloud X11 Black 4200