CDMA Mobiles with Dual SIM - (GSM + CDMA)

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Here is a list of all available CDMA Mobile Phones available in India, some of these CDMA Mobiles have double SIM Slots - Both CDMA and GSM. These CDMA Mobiles are from reputed brands like Micromax, Karbonn and HTC.

Below is the price list of all such CDMA phones available online in India


CDMA Mobiles with Dual Sim Card Sim Options  Our Price  Savings
Micromax GC222 Black   GSM + CDMA                                2,199 26%
Micromax GC222 White   GSM + CDMA                                2,250 0%
Datawind PocketSurfer3G5   GSM + WCDMA                                5,999 7%
Karbonn Smart A27+ White   WCDMA + GSM                                5,999 20%
Simmtronics Xpad M1 Black  3G WCDMA + 2G GSM                                8,989 0%
XOLO Q1100 Black   GSM + WCDMA                              13,209 10%
XOLO Q2500 Black   GSM + WCDMA                              13,590 12%
Micromax EG111 Black   GSM + CDMA                              15,499 1%
HTC Desire T329D XC Black Stone   GSM + CDMA                              16,107 15%
HTC Desire T329D XC Fabulous White   GSM + CDMA                              16,855 11%
HTC Desire 700 Black   CDMA + GSM                              22,400 36%
HTC Desire 600C Black, with Dual SIM   CDMA + GSM                              23,499 17%
HTC Desire 600C White, with Dual SIM   CDMA + GSM                              24,999 12%
HTC One 802d Silver, with Dual SIM   GSM or CDMA + GSM                              39,990 6%
HTC One 802d Black, with Dual SIM   GSM or CDMA + GSM                              39,999 9%

Based on the Specifications and price tag - Our Expert's pick would be Karbonn Smart A27+ White or HTC Desire 600C White, with Dual SIM depending upon your budget.