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ONLINE MOBILE STORE brings you the Lenovo Mobile Price list in India of latest mobile phones, updated recently by our reviewers. The price list has been kept uptodate so that you need not waste time on bargains and searching coupons for online shopping.  

These ANDROID MOBILES from Lenovo are powered with latest Android versions like KitKAt, Jelly Bean, Lollipop, Ice Cream Sandwich to give you the best possible gaming and browsing experience. 

Read the detailed SPECIFICATIONS of these Lenovo latest mobile phones which will help you in your buying decision, as better the specifications better would be your calling experience. What more, some of these Lenovo phones are powered with Dual SIM (GSM + GSM) or (GSM + CDMA)to help you carry two numbers in one handset. 

TOUCHSCREEN of these cellphones of Lenovo is quite responsive and higher end models have gorilla glass as well to protect it from scratches. No more worry about keeping these touch screen phones in your pockets along with keys and Coins, you have gorilla glass to protect this for you. 

To add to this, the Camera in these Lenovo new mobile phones are the example of latest technology in Photography, high quality images even in low light and dusty background as well. High end mobiles comes with Camera settings like ISO Settings, Exposure Settings, Zoom and more complex functionalities which are actually there in the DSLR, making these phones THE BEST CAMERA PHONES available online in India.

Wifi functionalities is also offered by Lenovo as there would be need of the same to download heavy games, view videos and more. Go ahead and enjoy free wifi offered in Delhi City by Aam Admi Party. 

Some of these models by Lenovo are offered with 3G to give you a strong mobile Internet signals. As the 4G is not really available in India, 3G is the next best possible alternative available. 

Lenovo also offers the crystal clear high resolution HD Display in such a reasonable price tag so that you can enjoy the best viewing experience offered with 3G mobile phones to give you a strong mobile Internet signals. 

Processor of the mobile phones by Lenovo are Dual Core or Quad Core to work seemlessly on instructions of your fingers. Number of Cores means number of processors or brains which will work together to process your instructions, higher the core better it is. 

RAM of these models by Lenovo is also stable - comes with 512MB or 1GB or even more. This will help you in getting a unstopable and seamless mobile using experience. 

These Specifications are offered at Cheapest price online in India by none other than  Lenovo - Best price guaranteed always, you will not get a cheaper phone than this. For after sales service  - there is a decent network of Lenovo India - Service Centers, so that god forbids, if your phone needs a doctor you get one in a nearby location. 

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LENOVO Mobile Phones Our Price

Lenovo Vibe X2 4G Gold, with 32 GB 19999
Lenovo Vibe Z K910 Titanium 20407
Lenovo Vibe Z K910 Silver 20550
Lenovo K900 Steel Grey, with 32 GB 22990
Lenovo K900 32 GB Orange 23990


Lenovo K900 Steel Grey for Rs. 19990

With unprecedented power packed into a refined and classy body, Lenovo presents the K900 that captures the essence of what a smartphone should be like.   Intel Inside   With a powerful 2 GHz Dual Core processor supported by a 2 GB of RAM, Intel Atom works its charm to give you the maximum power to make tasks fast and furious, regardless of the size or complexity. App launches are faster than ever, games take a microsecond to load and multitasking becomes the order of the day.   Full HD 5.5" IPS Display   With a massive 5.5 inch LCD touchscreen, the K900 from Lenovo is one that will let you have an immersive entertainment experience. The full HD resolution comes with a pixel density of 400+ ppi that makes looking at life itself different. The capacitive touchscreen comes with IPS that ensures that the angle does not cause distortion.   Astounding Photography and Full HD Video, Hi-Resolution Video Chat   The primary camera of 13 megapixels with autofocus allows you to capture anything around you in high quality, vivid photographs, even in low light conditions. Capable of full HD video recording, the phone also features a full 2 megapixel front camera that comes with a wide angle to ensure that your chats have great quality.   Ultraslim   Sporting a premium yet durable look that catches the eye thanks to the non-magnetic stainless steel and polycarbonate body, the K900 is designed to have a slim profile that is easily slipped into your pocket without being bulky.   Corning Gorilla Glass 2 Display   With durability that ensures that your nails or even pens do not cause scratches on the display, the massive 5.5 inch Corning Gorilla Glass 2 display is tough enough to stand the rigors of daily use.     Intel WiDi Wireless Screen Display   You can project what is on the screen of the K900 to a WiDi-supported television or monitor to magnify the entertainment quotient without the hassle of wires and breaking connections.    USB On-the-Go   The feature allows the smartphone to double up as a hub to read data and media from other devices as well to act as your two-in-one USB storage as well."

Lenovo K900 32 GB Orange for Rs. 23990

Powered by Intel , the Lenovo K900 mobile phone is the complete Android smartphone. Ultraslim at only 6.9 mm with a svelte and durable brushed metal casing, it features 13M camera technology, and a full HD 1080p 5.5 display so you can enjoy apps, photos, videos, and games at their purest, The Intel Atom Z2580 processor Dual Core 2.0GHz packs the power to make multitasking effortless, regardless of how many apps, games, or videos you run, Android Jelly Bean 4.2, The Android Jelly Bean 4.2 operating system is fast, fluid, and smooth, and gives you access to all your favorite apps and games and at the Google Play Store, Full HD 5.5 IPS Display, Enjoy unimagined clarity with the K900's 1920 x 1080 full HD resolution display. At 400+ PPI you can browse full-version websites on your smartphone, or enjoy and share hi-res images and video at their absolute finest. Plus, in-plane switching IPS display allows for nearly 180-degrees of wide-angle viewing, Astounding Photography and Full HD Video, Capture amazing images, even in low-light conditions with the Lenovo K900's 13 megapixel rear camera with an f1.8 AF lens and take 1080p HD videos.Ultraslim: Beautiful to look at and hold, the Lenovo K900 mobile is one of the slimmest premium smartphones available. At just 6.9 mm in profile, it slips easily into your pocket or bag.Elegant & Durable:The Lenovo K900 is forged from non-magnetic stainless steel and polycarbonate into a unibody case, making it tough enough for all-day use.Corning Glass 2 Display, The Lenovo K900s tough display is nail and pen-friendly, as well as sensitive to even light gloves.Hi-Res Video Chat:The Lenovo K900's 88?wide-angle 2M front camera makes video-chat easy and fun to use on mobile.Intel WiDi Wireless Screen Display, Project your K900 screen to WiDi-supported digital TV or monitor?wirlessly. Great for watching those videos you just captured, USB On-the-Go: USB On-the-Go enables the Lenovo K900 mobile phone to act as a hub and read data from devices like cameras and mp3 players, Cable must be purchased separately.