Online Mobile Store brings you the Lava Mobile Phones Price list in India, updated recently by our experts. This price list has also been sorted on the basis of price to save your money. You can increase the budget in order to get better specifications. These Android Phones from Lava are powered with latest Android versions like KitKAt, Jelly Bean, Lollipop, Ice Cream Sandwich to give you the best gaming and browsing experience. 

You may also read the detailed Specifications of these Lava phones which will help you in your buying decision, as better the specifications better would be your calling experience. What more, some of these Lava phones are powered with Dual SIM (GSM + GSM) or (GSM + CDMA)to help you carry two numbers in one handset. On top of it, Touch Screen of these cellphones of Lava is quite responsive and higher end models have gorilla glass as well to protect it from scratches. No more worry about keeping these phones in your pockets along with keys and Coins, you have gorilla glass to protect this for you. To add to this, the Camera in these Lava phones are the example of latest technology in Photography, high quality images even in low light and dusty background as well. High end mobiles comes with Camera settings like ISO Settings, Exposure Settings, Zoom and more complex functionalities which are actually there in the DSLR.

Wifi functionalities is also offered by Lava as there would be need of the same to download heavy games, view videos and more. Go ahead and enjoy free wifi offered in Delhi City by Aam Admi Party. Some of these models by Lava are offered with 3G to give you a strong mobile Internet signals. As the 4G is not really available in India, 3G is the next best possible alternative available. Lava also offers the crystal clear high resolution HD Display in such a reasonable price tag so that you can enjoy the best viewing experience offered with 3G to give you a strong mobile Internet signals. Processor of the mobile phones by Lava are Dual Core or Quad Core to work seemlessly on instructions of your fingers. Number of Cores means number of processors or brains which will work together to process your instructions, higher the core better it is. RAM of these models by Lava is also stable - comes with 512MB or 1GB or even more. This will help you in getting a unstopable and seamless mobile using experience. 

These Specifications are offered at Cheapest price online in India by none other than  Lava - Best price guaranteed always, you will not get a cheaper phone than this. For after sales service  - there is a decent network of Lava Service Centers, so that god forbids, if your phone needs a doctor you get one in a nearby location. 

So what are you waiting for - enjoy these Smartphones by Lava and show your mobile to your friends with style. Online Mobile Store brings these Lava phones on best price and exciting offers to choose from. "

Lava Mobiles Price List - Sorted on Latest Price

Lava Mobile Models Our Price
Lava Arc Magic Black 930
Lava Arc Lite Plus Black & Blue 949
Lava ARC 11i Black 999
Lava Arc 1star Black & Red 999
Lava ARC Lite Black & Red 1039
Lava Arc 240 Black & Blue 1100
Lava Arc 24 Red 1100
Lava Arc 12i Black 1210
Lava Arc 12i Grey 1210
Lava KKT Uno Champagne 1250
Lava C11s Grey 1319
Lava C11s White 1319
Lava Spark 10 Black & Red 1375
Lava ARC One Black 1375
Lava ARC One White 1375
Lava Arc 22 Beats White 1429
Lava KKT 27 Plus Blue 1429
Lava KKT 27 Plus Grey 1429
Lava KKT 42 Black 1449
Lava Spark Candy Black & Pink 1449
Lava KKT 27s Grey 1499
Lava KKT 34star Black & Red 1499
Lava Spark 252 White 1499
Lava KKT 34i Black & Silver 1549
Lava KKT 40 Power Black & Blue 1549
Lava Discover 128 Star White 1629
Lava C11 White 1799
Lava C11 Silver 1799
Lava Discover Neo Black 1799
Lava Discover Neo Grey 1799
Lava Discover 136S Champagne 1969
Lava CG141 Black 2170
Lava Iris 350 Black 2653
Lava Iris 350 White 2653
Lava Iris 300 Style Dark Blue 2949
Lava Iris 349i Black 2999
Lava Iris 401 Black 2999
Lava Iris 354e White 3749
Lava Iris 354 White 3999
Lava Iris 250 Black 3999
Lava Iris 250 White 3999
Lava Iris X1 Mini White & Silver 4299
Lava Iris X1 Mini Ink Black 4299
Lava Iris X1 Mini White Gold 4299
Lava Iris 3G 412 Grey 4349
Lava Iris 470 Black 4399
Lava Iris 405+ Black 4449
Lava Iris 404e Black 4499
Iris 400s Silver 4549
Iris 400Q Black 4899
Lava Iris 405+ White 4900
Lava Iris Win1 Black 4999
Lava Iris 500 Black 5039
Lava Iris 500 White 5039
Lava Iris 415 Black 5199
Lava Iris 406Q White 5399
Lava Iris 406Q Black 5399
Lava Iris 450 Black & Blue 6087
Lava Iris 450 Color Plus Black & Blue 6650
Lava Iris 450 Color Plus White & Blue 6650
Lava Iris X1 with 8 GB ROM Black, with 8 GB ROM 6999
Lava Iris X1 Grand Ink Black 7100
Lava Iris X1 Grand White & Silver 7100
Lava Iris X1 Grand Black Gold 7100
Lava Iris X1 White, with 16 GB 7429
Lava Iris X1 White & Gold, with 16 GB 7429
Lava Iris Selfie 50 Black 7466
Lava Iris Selfie 50 White 7499
Lava Fuel 50 White 7549
Lava Fuel 50 Black 7549
Lava Iris 456 Black 7888
Lava Fuel 60 Black 8499
Lava X5 Grey 8499
Lava X5 White 8499
Lava Iris X8 White 8999
Lava Iris X8 Black 8999
Lava X5 Black 9700
Lava Iris Pro 20 Metal Blue 9899
Lava Magnum X604 White 9999
Lava Magnum X604 Brown 9999
Lava Iris 504Q+ Gray 11999
Lava Iris Pro 30 Grey 12729

The Lava KKT 34i is a sturdy and compact phone which is designed to meet your communication needs. The Dual SIM GSM + GSM feature gives you the advantage of using two network connections in one handset. The alphanumeric keypad on the Lava facilitates texting with ease. The sleek phone measures 51.2 x 113.5 x 16 mm in dimensions as it easily fits into your hand.  This KKT 34i handset features a 2.4-inch QVGA TFT display that allows you to view images at a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels. The 0.3 megapixel primary camera lets you click high quality images on the move. This presence of phone camera doesn’t let you miss any special moment in your life. This phone camera also allows you to record videos and play them in 3GP, MP4 and AVI formats. Packed with so many features, the Lava KKT 34i easily fits into your pocket and helps you keep in touch with your friends throughout the day.  Battery and Storage  Powered by 1800 mAh Li-Ion battery, the Lava KKT 34i helps you experience long hours of conversation without any interruption. You can store videos, images and music tracks as the phone memory can be expanded up to 8 GB using microSD or microSDHC cards. You no longer need to delete conversations from your inbox as the phone memory allows you to store 200 messages in the inbox. In addition, you can also store 300 contacts in the phonebook of this sturdy handset.  Multimedia  This compact phone is loaded with a music player which allows you to enjoy your favourite tracks stored in your handset. The player supports music tracks in MP3, MIDI and WAV formats. The pocketable device also gives you the option of tuning into your favourite FM stations on the go. The scheduled FM recording facility in the Lava lets you record your favourite songs played on the air. A 3.5 mm audio jack in the trendy phone allows you to use any generic headphones. This phone from Lava helps you play music on the loudspeaker.  Connectivity and Features  The Lava KKT 34i lets you to access the Internet through the GPRS platform. The preinstalled browser lets you browse various web pages on the handset. You can share music, videos and images through the USB port and Bluetooth connectivity enabled on this device. The twin LED torch present in the KKT provides better visibility in the dark and comes handy.  The privacy protection facility installed in this Lava phone helps you lock your personal information. This compact device from Lava also lets you create a phone backup where you can store all important information. With the auto call recording facility, you can record important conversation and create a backup for it. The bar phone also includes the alarm clock facility which lets you set up alarm and wake up to it. The Hindi and English support on the Lava KKT 34i makes texting and handling of the phone easier.

LAVA IRIS PRO 30 Breaking the boundaries of contemporary technology and ideas, Lava introduces the Iris Pro 30, a true smartphone that will engulf you with its brilliance. Design and Display This ultra-luxurious device is beautifully designed with an extremely light body crafted out of the special Mg-Al alloy. Weighing a mere 114 grams with a thickness of just 7.5 mm, this smartphone sports a 4.7 inch HD IPS display that provides an immersive visual experience along with a One Glass Solution Technology that helps in making the device thinner. You can now worry less about scratches and damages because this Lava phone is developed with a Corning Gorilla Glass to keep your phone’s display protected. Dual SIM Making technology simpler and your everyday life more convenient, Lava manufactures this device with a Dual SIM feature that lets you have both your official and personal numbers in one device so that you stay connected better. Camera Capture the true essence of colours and shades with the 8 megapixel primary camera and Samsung sensor this Lava Iris is designed with. The phone is also integrated with a Dual LED flash and a BSI sensor that assists in clicking sharp pictures in low-light situations with accurate exposures. The HDR and four-directional panoramic view options in this device gives you the opportunity to make every picture you click seem like a poster. Bridge the distance between you and your dear ones by video chatting with them using the 3 megapixel secondary camera in this device. Capturing special moments are never going to be a hassle with the Full HD video recording feature that lets you record clips at 30 frames per second for excellent quality. Operating System Indulge in a totally addictive and immersive experience with the latest Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean operating system this smartphone functions on. The OS gives the device a very smooth and fluid interface that helps providing a better user experience. Processor Play all your favourite games and run multiple applications without any lag, because this Lava Iris Pro 30 is developed with a 1.2 GHz Quad Core processor along with 1 GB of RAM that speeds up the performance even while using applications with high-end graphics. Connectivity With the new age taking over and the internet being a huge part of it, this smartphone makes sure you stay connected to all your friends and also get your work done while on the go with the Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity options integrated in this device. With the Bluetooth and USB features, you can share all your data files, music, pictures and videos in a jiffy. The device also comes with Google Maps to assist you with navigation to find your way through unknown streets. Battery Built with a 2000 mAh Li-Polymer battery, this device promises you a lasting experience while you use it moderately for all your networking, connectivity and entertainment purposes. Storage Designed with 4 GB of internal space, this smartphone gives you the option of expanding the memory up to a maximum of 32 GB using a microSD card to store all your favourite songs, videos and more.

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