Planning to buy a Mobile Phone and bit confused with thousands of mobiles available in marker with everyone claiming to give you the best mobile phone. Yes. that is really confusing sometime you can't focus on your main work and spend lot of time in deciding which mobile phone to buy. If this explains your situation as well don't worry you are at the right place - with our systematic step by step mobile buying guide we will help you in your mobile purchase decision. 

Lets go step by step:

Step 1: First decide your budget - These days you can buy a mobile staring from just Rs 600/- to price as big as 80,000 and you know what all these phones serves your basic purpose of calling, browsing, gaming and camera. So totally depends on your budget. Decide it and keep in mind now.

Some Key points:

A basic phone with calling can come in a price range of 1500/- with a decent brand and service quality.

If you have a budget crunch but want to experience Android, than you can get one at price of just 2500/- , Here is the list of all such budgeted Android Phones
A decent hardware Android with lessor known brand name can be procured for 7,000 to 9,000/-

If you are brand conscious - you may get a good brand like Samsung with good hardware and performance around 13,000/- to 20,000/-

Step 2: Decide on OS Version: 

You decided on your budget and if your budget can afford a smartphone 2nd step is to decide on OS - Yes, the Operating System which will decide your mobile performance, user interface, applications available and other similar things. If you are have a medium budget and you are a new mobile user - we suggest you to go for Android mobiles as they are very common and offer a wide range of free apps through Playstore. If you have already tried Androids you may go for Windows phone as well. iOS by apple is an elite class OS - if it can fit in your budget nothing like that.

Step 3: Decide on Number of Sim Slots: 

Today you can get a mobile from single sim to 3 or even four sim, yes you got it right, there are four sim mobiles available in market as on date, depending upon your use you can decide on the same. Online Mobile Store suggests you to go for a Dual Sim Phone as 3 and 4 Sim phones are available in entry level models only and doesn't provide a very good user experience.

Step 4: Decide what specific features: 

If you are looking for any specific feature in your mobile phone like NFC Enabled Phone or a Mobile with front strong Camera or Mobile with finger touch screen lock or Phone which takes photos as your eyes blink or you want to buy a slimmest phone. In such cases your choice gets quite narrow and you need to specifically look into those mobile models only. So it depends upon what you are looking for really.

Step 5: Screen Size: 

Touchscreen mobiles are available from a small screen size of 2.5 inch upto big touch screen size upto 5 or even 6 inch called Phablets. With Small screen size the benefit is they are easy to carry, with big screens the benefit is that they gives user a joyful gaming and internet surfing time. What we suggest you is go for a decent 4 to 5 inch phone, they fits well in your hand grip and at the same time a provides a decent font size and viewing experience without putting much strain on your eyes.

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